Heidi Montags Boob Job
Heidi Montags Boob Job
Heidi Montags Boob Job

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heidi Montag’s Sexy Honeymoon Bikini Pics

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag the lastest pictures of the newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt on their honeymoon in Cabo, Mexico. The Hills star looked mighty saucy prancing around in her tiny bikinis soaking up the sun. The couple had recently eloped tieing the knot in a secret ceremony wed by a minister in the chapel at the One & Only Palmilla resort.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sophie Reade strips to her underwear

During her 13-week stay in the Big Brother house, winner Sophie Reade piled on more than a stone from her unhealthy diet.

And it seems she has not been in a massive hurry to lose her rounded tummy and bigger bust.

The reality star, 20, who was known as Dogface in the house, was still handed the chance to model Ann Summers underwear at the launch of their new flagship store on London's Oxford Street.

The bubbly glamour model gamely stepped into the middle of busy Oxford Street in a red devil's outfit.

Undeterred by the rain (or hundreds of shoppers), Sophie then whipped off her dress to reveal a lacy pair of pink underwear by Royal-appointed hosiers Rigby & Peller, hold-up stockings and sparkly stilettos.

After leaving the Big Brother house, she discovered she had ballooned from 7st 11lb to 9st.

The 5ft 5in blonde said earlier this month that she was shocked by the weight gain.

'I thought I had a fast metabolism!' she said, and revealed that before the show, she worked out four times a week and had a personal trainer - allowing her to eat whatever she fancied.

But when she entered the house, she had a lot less exercise and a lot more food.

'All I did was eat burgers with ketchup and mayonnaise, chips, crisps, toast – everything. Chinese, chocolate, pizza…' she said.

And while she is by no means overweight, the model has still been keen to point out that she will be trimming down.

Last month she told New! magazine: 'I’m not obese.

'I enjoyed myself in the house. I thought why not, I’m going to eat what I want! I can’t wait to lose it again though.'

British beauties doing their bit for Anglo-German relations!

Britain's sexiest topless models posed for the Germans as a special treat
The friendship between Britain and Germany has never been better – thanks to our British BILD Girls doing their bit for Anglo-German relations!
Kayleigh loves

The sexy ladies have been appearing in Germany’s best-selling newspaper all week, and have set the pulses of the country’s men racing.

There won’t be many arguments over towels on sun beds – unless the Brits are unhappy at losing out on the gorgeous women!

The five Page 3 girls - Casey Batchelor, Kayleigh Pearson, Lindsey Strutt, Lucy Pinder and Malene Espensen – spent their summer holiday doing a sizzling photo shoot and video just for the Germans.

And it has proved a popular trip for the girls!


Kayleigh (24) loves sex with no strings attached - and she told BILD she also loves German boys. The blonde bombshell from Bath is still available...

she set German pulses racing with her double F breasts

Malene is from London and her double F breasts are also somehow still single, but the scorching 28-year-old says she is on the look out for a boyfriend.

Catherine Bell gets North Island NDP nomination

Following the nomination meeting in Courtenay Wednesday evening Vancouver Island North NDP riding president Jerry West said "Jack Layton and the NDP caucus in Ottawa are working hard to keep Parliament focused on helping Canadians get through these hard economic times. Not everyone shares that philosophy so they have to be ready should the government fall. They are looking forward to re-electing Catherine Bell to be our MP when the time comes."

Former Vancouver Island North MP Catherine Bell has been nominated to represent the NDP again should an election be called.

Bell was not challenged in the nomination routine. In her speech to party members they commented: "I am proud to be your candidate again and I look forward to talking to everyone in Vancouver Island North about the record of the Conservative government beginning with the Harper Sales Tax."

"I call it the Harper Sales Tax because the Conservatives announced in their 2009 budget that they would be working to convince provinces like BC that still had retail sales tax systems to move to an HST system. Harper bribed BC with $1.6 billion to do it.

"The NDP continues to be the effective opposition to the Harper Conservatives. The NDP has consistently held the government to account while at the same time providing leadership in the House of Commons by passing motions to protect pensions, finish credit card gouging, and reform the EI system so all Canadians who have paid premiums for years can use the insurance if they need to.

"What Harper's tax calls for is the most profound shift of the tax burden from corporations to average Canadians ever known in our history.

"That's what insurance is for right? Wrong! Thanks to the Liberals and Conservatives the EI system is something they all pay in to but that only four in 10 workers, three in 10 women workers, are currently able to access."

Bell, who lives in Cumberland, represented the riding in Ottawa from January 2006 to October 2008.

While in office they held the NDP caucus critic portfolios for Natural Resources and Western Economic Diversification and was deputy critic for Fisheries, with responsibility for West Coast Fisheries.

Bell narrowly lost to incumbent John Duncan in 2004, and narrowly defeated him in 2006 before losing to him roughly a year ago.

Bell was vice-chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources also a member of the Canada Cuba Interparliamentary Association. In Parliament Bell introduced private members bills on: Electoral Reform, EI Reform, Oceans Day, Labour Code Amendments, the Nuclear Safety and Control Act, and amendments to the Canada Shipping Act to prohibit oil tankers in Dixon entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound.

Paris Hilton more valuable than Britney for potential advertisers

Melbourne, October 4 (ANI): Paris Hilton is a better choice than Britney Spears for some advertising agents, when it comes to promoting one of their products.

According to reports, Britney, who will be in Australia in November as part of her world tour, is seen as only worth about 60,000 dollars to spruik products.

‘Britney is inconsistent,’ the Daily Telegraph quoted Jack Singleton, chairman of advertising agency Jack Watts Currie, whose clients include The Discovery Channel and Malaysian Airlines, as saying.

‘We would not be sure what we would be getting with her. Would it be fat Britney or mad Britney?’ Singleton added.

Singleton is the same person who helped bring Paris Hilton to Australia at an estimated cost of 500,000 dollars for beer label Bondi Blonde.

As regards Hilton’s value, Singleton says that she is always ‘in character’.

‘It doesn’t really matter that she has done time in jail or appeared in X-rated videos as long as she is the right image for the brand,’ Singleton said.

Hilton’s ex-reality TV co-star Nicole Richie, still rumoured to be a special guest at this year’s Spring Racing Carnival in Flemington, is worth even less to potential advertisers, according to Singleton, as she’s ‘not done much’ lately.

Angelina Jolie-Pitt Family Arrives in Japan

Two days after walking the red carpet at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were spotted -- with all six of their kids -- at Narita International Airport in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Pamela Anderson in Million-Dollar Debt

“She remodels her home in Malibu, then turns around and doesn’t want to pay somebody. It’s ridiculous! Everyone did their job and expected to be paid, but it hasn’t happened,” Mini-Haulers president Jim Brown told Star. “I have a relatives, and putting a food on the desk isn’t easy in this economy.”

Mini-Haulers and Bruder Construction Homes are reportedly among the unpaid contractors, and their fees make up most of her alleged debt. Both Anderson and the contractors have commented on the matter, but naturally, their accounts don’t line up.

Anderson recently issued a statement about the debt, admitting the tax liens and adding that other tax disputes would soon be settled. They also admitted that they was touched by a number of the public concern that’s come her way.

“It is true that I'm in a dispute with a number of the contractors working on my home,” they said. “This is because after paying millions of dollars to build the house I continue to get bills from the contractors. My lawyers are reviewing the work done to see if the bills are fair. If they are, they’ll be paid. If they aren’t, they won’t be.”

“I have no dermatologist and no cosmetic surgeon,” they has reportedly said. “Nothing’s been shot in to this face.”

It also appears she’s saved some money on definite forms of plastic surgery, such as Botox, since the 42-year-old beachstress claims to have never had any.

“I don’t think I’m going to tweak anything,” they said. “I’m kind of done with it all. I want to see what I look like when I’m elderly. I’m curious where that’s going to take me.”

Also, despite copious rounds of breast augmentation, Anderson has said they has no battle designs against the aging department.

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Michelle Marsh

UK model Michelle Marsh has a ridiculous large set of cans and yes they are real! The English hottie loves displaying her naturally large breasts whenever she gets a chance. She has appeared in several magazines including Perfect 10, Loaded, Maxim, Nuts, Playboy and Zoo.

Kim Kardashian calls sister's wedding time of her life

Kardashian really enjoyed sister's wedding: Kim Kardashian had the time of her life ... at her sister's wedding. In a Twitter post, Kardashian proclaimed her sister Khloe's wedding Sunday to Lamar Odom "one of the best nights of my life." Separately, the Kardashians' stepbrother Brody Jenner expressed his happiness for the new couple to MTV.com. Jenner said he couldn't attend the wedding because he was out of town promoting MTV's "The Hills."